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Psychiatry QBank

Clinical Vignettes

Neurology QBank

2,000+ High-Quality Board-style Questions

  • Written by doctors who recently took the board exam
  • Each question offers an in-depth explanation
  • Vignettes include video vignettes and image studies
  • We offer a Psychiatry QBank, Neurology QBank and Clinical Vignettes

60 Vignettes Including 12 Video Vignettes

  • High-quality, high-yield, clinical cases often seen on the board exam
  • 12 professional videos
  • Includes questions that have 2 or more correct answers
  • Covers 60 topics commonly found as vignettes on the Psychiatry board exam

Create Your Own Tests Mixing Questions with Vignettes

  • Choose from 24 psychiatry topics, 14 neurology topics, and 60 vignettes
  • Mix and match as many stand-alone questions with vignettes as you like
  • Tests look and feel very similar to the real psychiatry board exam
  • Each test you create is saved for future use

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View Your Performance Statistics with Graphs and Charts

  • Our interface shows your scores relative to average scores
  • We offer graphs and charts of percent correct and incorrect over time
  • You can see the average scores of all users compared to your scores