Frequently answered questions

Each year between 10% to 12% of examinees fail the initial certifying Psychiatry board exam. Over 1 in 10 do not pass which is a significant number. Knowing the knowledge is crucial, but being comfortable going through many questions quickly is also required.

The people who do not pass are typically those who do not go through enough practice questions in a timed setting.

Reviewing concepts and practicing thoroughly with practice questions is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and improve your score on the board exam.

We offer you the unique ability to create custom tests. You can pick the subjects you want to focus on, and the number of questions from each subject when creating your test. You can even mix stand-alone questions with Vignettes to replicate a more real exam experience. Our questions are some of the best on the market and provide in-depth explanations. No other service offers everything we offer.

Psychiatry Boards Prep offers a 100% pass guarantee on all plans that we sell.

Psychiatry Boards Prep stands by its test prep 100%. If you don’t pass, we offer a free subscription for the length of time that you originally purchased. We will provide access as many times as you need to pass your board examination.

You must submit a copy of the letter or notice you received that you did not pass your Board or Certification exams. We will verify the notice, send instructions on how to redeem, and delete any record of the letter that you sent us.

In order for us to verify that you didn’t pass, please submit a picture or screenshot of the letter that clearly displays your name, the date, and the board letterhead to [email protected].

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the request to be processed. If we find your request to be acceptable, then we will grant you permission to repeat the same course at no additional cost.

We offer a free demo! You can click on the Try the Demo from the homepage to gain access to a limited number of questions from a few of our subjects. The Demo offers a few stand-alone multiple choice questions, as well as vignettes.

The free Demo does not give you access to the over 2,000 questions that are available when signing up for the Psychiatry QBank, Neurology for Psychiatry QBank, and Vignettes.

Yes. You have the option to use a timer for tests that you create. The time it takes for you to complete a test is recorded and appears in your Test History for reference.

Yes. We display pie charts and graphs indication how many questions you score correctly and incorrectly overall and per section. We also show average scores based on user performance.

No. All of our material is protected under copyright laws. Any printing, saving, copying, or taking screenshots of our questions and answers are strictly prohibited and considered copyright infringement. The access of any user attempting such activity will be shut down, and legal action will be pursued.